We pressure wash fleets of all sizes. We have multiple units that can handle the largest fleets. We use mild detergents and degreasers to get the trucks sparkling clean while not damaging the paint, wraps or decals.
Bakersfield Pressure Washing, Bakersfield Window Cleaning, Oilfield Cleaning Service Bakersfield.

Fleet Pressure Washing Bakersfield



We can safely remove oil, dirt or any other grime from your worksite or equipment. We adhere to a strict saftey program that includes proper training, site plan analysis and use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)



GIVE YOUR HOUSE A BATH! We remove spider webs, dirt, grime, moss and other unsightly stains from your stucco, wood, bricks, or siding. We also use a special rotary concrete machine that will make your concrete look new again.

Beautiful home in front of blue sky



​No matter how big or small your property is we have a solution to clean it!

Bakersfield Pressure Washing, Oilfield Pressure Cleaning, Pressure Pros




Using hot water and a rotary concrete cleaning machine we get up all the chewing gum, dirt, grease, soda and other stubburn stains.

a crew member cleans the painted street markings



We evaluate the type of surface the graffiti is on to determine the appropriate way to remove it. We either use high temp water with detergents or a high powered soda blasting. We take great care to insure that the graffiti is removed safely withough damaging the underlying surface.

Graffiti Removal Bakersfield



We use deionized water with a brush system to safely clean solar panels and return them to peak efficiency. Our units are completely mobile with a 600 gallon tank and the ability to deionize water on site.

Solar Cleaning Bakersfield



When getting your house or business washed we can take care of the window cleaning too.

Window Cleaning Bakersfield
Bakersfield Pressure Washing, Bakersfield Window Cleaning, Oilfield Cleaning Service Bakersfield